Daltile Regal Pendant Pharaoh Onyx RGLPNDNT_RP08_11X12_TG

Regal Pendant

Pharaoh Onyx

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Inspired by stained glass, a trapezoid mosaic design awes in both iridescent glass and natural stone. Alternating frosted and metallic finishes accentuate the collection’s radiance and luxury. Regal Pendant brings your wall tile design to life.
    Daltile Regal Pendant Baroness Bijou RGLPNDNT_RP07_11X12_TG
    Baroness Bijou
    Daltile Regal Pendant Pharaoh Onyx RGLPNDNT_RP08_11X12_TG
    Pharaoh Onyx
    Daltile Regal Pendant Czarina Ice RGLPNDNT_RP09_11X12_TG
    Czarina Ice
    Daltile Regal Pendant Duchess Gold RGLPNDNT_RP10_11X12_TG
    Duchess Gold
    Daltile Regal Pendant Contessa Charm RGLPNDNT_RP11_11X12_TG
    Contessa Charm
    Daltile Regal Pendant Aurelian Empress RGLPNDNT_RP12_11X12_TG
    Aurelian Empress

    Product Attributes

    CollectionRegal Pendant
    ColorPharaoh Onyx
    ApplicationResidential and commercial